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Tips for Identifying hair trimmers & clippers

1. Material of blade

1.1 Ceramic: Ceramic blade is smooth and with more hardness, so when it applied to a hair clipper, it would be more wear-resistant, quieter, and less heat-conducting during working. While it’s brittle and hard to replace.

1.2 Stainless Steel: it’s normally mark with “China420J2”, ” Japan SK4, SK3”,” German 440C”, Comparing to ceramic blades, S/S are more durable and easier to sharpen and sanitize. So it’s easier maintain and it fits varies clippers.

2. Noise
Normally, the quieter the noise, the better of quality, while the sounds depends on motor, blades, and the whole set-up as well. Also depending on the working status.

3. Motor Speed
There are mainly 5000r/m, 6000r/m, 7000r/m in the market. Of course, the number is larger, the speed would be faster, they will be more smoothy cutting. But it depends on the hardness of varies hair. For example, children’s hair is soft, so normally 4000r/m is quite enough, for hard and strong hair, the number will be the larger the better.
4. Waterproof
4.1Blade washable
You’d better to take off the blade and wash it independently, not for device.
4.2All over washable
It’s more convenient as you can immerge the whole device into the water.
IPX7 -Free immerge: Water will not get in if immerged into water under specified condition
IPX8-In water: Longtime immerging into the water with certain pressure
IPX9- Moisture-proof: No influence in performance even in the relative humidity of 90%
5. Battery
Nowadays we are using the Lithium battery to replace the ordinary Lead-acid battery as Lithium battery has no memory in charge and discharge, fast charge, and slow discharge so that we can “Flash Charge”. Furthermore, Lithium batteries will be smaller in size and weight, more endurance, and more friendly for the environment.
6. Material of body
Mainly there is metal and plastic or rubber/oil painting finish, it will influence the price, out looking and feeling of handling, but almost no influence for performance.

Post time: Oct-17-2022