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Hot Sale 3-in-1 Ionic Hair Ceramic Dryer and Curler

Brushless motor: HD-1098-B

  • RPM: 110000 RPM
  • Power:220V-240V 50Hz 1000w
  • With 2 speed settings & 3 heat settings
  • With LED light display
  • With Overheat protection
  • With 360° swivel power cord
  • With  detachable attachment

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Brushless motor


220V-240V 50Hz 1000W

speed settings:

2 speed settings

heat settings:

3 heat settings

Products Description

High-speed BLDC Motor

This hair styler self-developed high-speed motor spins at up to 110,000 RPM, and generates high-velocity and powerful airflow that is twice as efficient as an ordinary styling tool. With this breakthrough, you may reduce your styling time in half for ultra-quick drying without heat damage and have an exceptional styling experience

Intelligent Overheat Protection

It is equipped with an intelligent temperature control system that creates overheating protection, preventing damage to the hair from high temperatures during blow-drying. Ten million negative ions can be released simultaneously by the hair drier to protect hair, get rid of static electricity, and make hair smoother, softer, and shinier.

3 IN 1 Styling Set

The Styler is a multifunctional hair styling set that can perfectly satisfy your multiple styling requirements. It can be used as a hairdryer, a hair curler and a hair dryer brush, serving professional hair salons and salon hairdressing scenes while meeting the various styling needs of family members.

Ionic Care

The Styler with a built-in generator that releases negative ions, can actively counteracts static electricity through an anti-frizz effect. It increases smoothness, decreases fly-aways, and provides more volume. The negative ion airflow operates on the hair, giving it more volume and a more vivacious, fashionable appearance.


  1. Power:220V-240V 50Hz 1600
  2. 110000 RPM high torque brushless motor
  3. Click-in system for the brush attachments:
  4. Optional accessories: rotatory ceramic coating brush with retractable bristle, half brush with soften bristle, small plastic brush
  5. Hot&cold air circulation, gently protect the hair
  6. 2 speed settings and 3 heat settings
  7. LED light display: White-low heat; Orange-medium; Red-high; Red and white flashing alternately- hot and cold air circulation

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